Get Creative with Animal Costumes

Get Creative with Animal Costumes!

Who said costumes are only meant to be worn on Halloween? Are you throwing a dress-up party or are you attending one? Wearing one of the many animal costumes is one way to shine at the party!  Whether you plan to rent or buy an animal costume, you can count on having heads turn in your direction when you wear an animal costume that suits you perfectly.

It is no secret that costume parties are a popular trend these days, as it offers people the opportunity to fulfill their fantasy of dressing up in “distinctive” clothing or skins and not be judged by others. Animal costumes also look really adorable on kids as well. One of the great things about buying or renting ready-made costumes is that you get to select from a variety of costumes. There are those who prefer to create cute animal costumes themselves – however, this can be quite time consuming, especially if they do not know how to sew very well.

There are so many types of costumes you can choose from! You can choose to be a cat, gorilla, monkey, bunny or any other fun animal costume. Most women choose to dress up in cute or sexy animal costumes such as Cat Woman, lady bug, bumblebee or reindeer.

Choosing what animal costume to wear will actually depend on the occasion. If you will be attending a children’s party, you should dress your kids and yourself in lovable animal costumes that are comfortable, light and easy to run around with. Children will want to run around and have loads of fun at a party, so you will need to get them costumes that are very comfortable. Another great idea is to let your children pick the animal(s) they like to dress-up as.

Animal Theme Party Ideas
If you are having an animal themed costume party, you can decorate the party venue with plastic plants and trees in order to give it an African Safari look and feel. You could also make use of large animal cut-outs to give the party venue a true Jungle feel. Beautiful animal print fabrics can also be used as table cloths and chair covers. You can even add recordings of well known animal sounds playing in the background.

For children parties, you can include face painting and make-up to make the kids look more like the cute animals that they are portraying. If you are going for a barnyard animal theme for your party, the outdoor decoration could also include tractor cardboard cut-outs, bales of hay and cardboard cut-outs common barnyard animals and farmyard machinery.

If you are attending a semi-formal adult costume party, you can choose from a variety of not-so-cuddly animal type costumes that will look really nice on you.