Animal Costumes And Ideas

Animal Costumes And Ideas


Fancy dress parties tend to show how people feel about themselves. Some will wear sexy outfits that they hope will impress other party goers while some will wear clever costumes. The final section will want to make sure that the party is fun and so choose animal costumes. They can be an extension of their own personalities and maybe be a lion, while some may want to go overboard and join with a friend and be a pantomime horse.

Thanks to the recent fashion for animal face slippers and “onesies” there are people more inclined to consider animal costumes as dress wear. This is taken to a further extreme by a group that dress as animals as part of their daily lives, and while this is not something that you are likely to see around the streets on a regular basis they will do it quite regularly at home and with like minded friends.

Couples and groups can go as animals and in some case make themselves into a story. It can be the Three Little Pigs and if there are four then add the wolf. Three Blind Mice will be possible and there will be plenty of Disney characters available. If you want to wear animal costumes but make it a bit sexier then it can be cat women and there is no end to the amount of leather that can be on show.

When children are going to a party they can be included and to make it easy to get them animal costumes, they can be part of a couple. Mum can go as a witch and the child can be the black cat. Fairy tales will have plenty of animals in them and if it is one they know they will enjoy dressing up as the character.

Football teams often have animals as their mascots and this can be a great way for the supporter to go to the fancy dress party and incorporate their favourite team. If there is not a mascot animal costume, then they can just hire the animal costume and then use an old team shirt to go over it.

Adults could turn up at a party as both ends of a pantomime horse. It is more than likely that they will not be able to stay in role all night, but the effect when they first turn up will be amazing. The Honey Monster is another fur covered costume that will make people smile and while it is considered to be a monster rather than an animal there is a look of a bear to it. One great animal costume is one where it appears that there is a monkey carrying a man in a cage but this may be too large for some locations.