Animal Costumes Ideas and Tips from the Pro

If you’re looking to generate great costume ideas for Halloween or costume party, the animal kingdom is definitely one of the best sources. And, there are tons of animals to choose from in creating your animal costumes for kids – frog, dog, cat, lion, bee, and more. Keep reading to generate some ideas from the pro.

Make a Lion Costume

Start by collecting the materials you need for your lion costume. One of such materials is a hoodie. You can buy one or check your closet for a hood you’re no longer interested in. Great colors for the hood would include orange, gold, tan or yellow. Nothing stops you from using your preferred color anyway. Match the hood with the same color of pants.

For the mane, you will need gold or yellow mane. You should also get ¼ yard of matching gold or yellow fabric or felt.

Get to work;

  • Use a pair of scissors to cut out a small strip of gold or yellow fabric – it should be the circumference of your hood.
  • Start looping the yarn back and forth across your fabric’s width. Make the loops stay firm by pinning them every few inches onto the fabric
  • Insert the fabric’s end and sew in a vertical direction along the long fabric’s center and across the loops of the yarn.
  • To come up with a very bushy mane, try using as much yarn as possible
  • Don’t stop until you get to the base of the slim piece of fabric. Secure the yarn by back stitching.
  • Make the fringe by cutting through each of the loops. If you want even fuller mane, use another layer of yarn loops to repeat the process.
  • From the back, fold the fabric up and have it pinned around your hood’s inner edge. Use sewing machine to sew it on.
  • Cut out about four or three inch square pieces and sew two pieces of fabrics together, ensuring that the bottom is open. Make the lion’s ears by slightly curving the top.
  • Do the same with the other set
  • Use materials such as cotton balls, extra fabric or batting to stuff the ears of your lion animal costume
  • Use hand to sew the bottom of the lion’s ears to the right and left sides of the hood. Try and bury the button between the yarn fringe’s layers. Make sure they are on either side of the forehead.

Finally, when you choose to mimic a lion with your animal costumes, you should add accessories such as tail, slippers or furry socks. And, if you prefer something quick and really cute, you should buy your lion costume from an online costume store.